Saturday, 2 June 2012

Turrets and tans.

Day 40 - 01.06.12 - Baiona

Monterreal Fort in Baiona, Monte Boi peninsula
Monterreal Fort in Baiona on the Monte Boi peninsula There are a few more clouds in the sky on our second day in Baiona.  It’s still hot as hell but it feels less like our skin is about to sizzle at least!  We venture into town to have a look around the old fort which costs the princely sum of a euro each.  The view over the sea and towards the nearby Iles Cies is stunning.  It’s a really enjoyable walk around the fortress walls although you have to keep your wits about you as it’s not the safest!  The breeze out here on the headland is wonderfully cool which in today’s heat, is a godsend.  All along the route there are little beaches down below, wonderfully private stretches of white sand to while away a few heavenly hours.  There are lots to explore and it really saves the town which would be a little dull without it.
Baiona port and view from Monterreal Fort

We head back to the van for lunch and some chill out time (Chris reading a book and me faffing about on the internet).  It’s dinner time before its cool enough to head out again and we stock up on food at a nearby supermarket.  All in all there’s not a huge amount to do in Baiona but the scenery is phenomenal.  The Iles Cies islands in the distance are often shrouded in mist and look like many of the pictures I’ve seen of Thai islands.  The wide bay is a sight to behold and sunsets are extraordinary.  Sadly the clouds have set in (it rained for about 2 minutes) so no sunsets tonight.  Instead its time for a film and then tomorrow we’ll plan our next stop.

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