Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sunburnt sulking

11.06.12 Porto

Sadly yesterday’s surprisingly sunny afternoon has left us both a little sunburnt.  Nothing major but enough that we know the smart move is to spend today in hiding!  We stock up on water in the morning and use a cloudy outburst in the afternoon to rush with the laptop to a wifi spot and update the blog.  Other than that we just hide out in the van reading and writing.  After all the trekking around the city our legs are glad of the rest!

Given that I didn’t take any pictures today, here’s a few left over from yesterday’s post including the gorgeous Ingeja do Carmen and the lovely Majestic CafĂ© (which was sadly shut).

Tomorrow we’ll unfortunately have to leave Porto.  Love the city though we do, the hour long trek to the supermarket is becoming a pain and there’s no water supply nearby.  Much as a feel rather fancy showering with bottled mineral water, it’s a little wasteful!  

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