Monday, 18 June 2012

Snap happy

 Day 54 - 15.06.12 - Aveiro

Art Nouveau museum Aveiro, Portugal
In the morning of our second day in Aveiro we took the laptop to town to update the blog.  After returning for lunch we went back in to see the bits of town we’d missed on the previous day.  The Art Nouveau museum was a bit of a let-down inside.  The facade of the building is superb but there wasn’t a lot to see inside.  I’m not sure whether or not we were supposed to pay to get in but we trailed around after a group of people visiting and nobody bothered us!

Banco de Portugal, AveiroAs we ventured around the rest of town we came across yet more amazing buildings and lovely sights, so much so it was a tough call picking the pictures to include on the blog!  I got a little snap happy but the architecture was just fantastic and it’s such a bright, colourful city.

Again though even on one of the main streets in town we came across some fantastic buildings falling to pieces, including one Art Deco apartment block with marble tiling inside that we could see through the smashed front doors.  Such a shame.  It’s really sad to see these amazing and unique buildings in such disrepair and then find builders throwing up blocks of anonymous looking flats everywhere there is spare land.

Canal boats, Aveiro Portugal

Aveiro has however been a lovely place to visit.  The city has a wonderfully relaxed feel to it and is packed full of some of the most beautiful Art Nouveau architecture you could wish for. 

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