Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Relax to the max

Day 57 - 18.06.12 - Pedrogao

Our day in Pedrogao was a very quiet one.  We found an open wifi connection and so moved the van closer to it and away from the other campers, who as you can see from the photo weren’t paying much attention to the ‘No parking for campers’ sign! 

We had a look around town for a mechanics garage to have a look at the burnt out fuse but no joy.  There’s not a lot in Pedrogao aside from a handful of VERY overpriced shops (1 euro for a pack of crisps?!) and some cafes.  The long stretch of beach is beautiful though.

We made the most of the facilities, filled the van up with water and caught up on all things internet.  We chatted with family via skype and watched the sunset.  An enjoyably relaxing day.

Pedrogao Portugal sunset

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