Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rain rain go away

Day 41 - 2.06.12 Tui

We woke up in Baiona to a dismal rainy day.  We hung around until the rain died off a little before getting on the road to Tui.  Having seen how twisty and winding the free road through the mountain was we opted for the much straighter toll road which took us half the time the other would have.  We had originally hoped to stay off the toll roads all together on this trip but in Spain they’re really cheap and so sometimes the cost is worthwhile to avoid the petrol and engine wear Van Diesel would experience on steep mountainous tracks (Van Diesel HATES hills).

Tui is a nice town on the edge of the river Minho which forms the border between Spain and Portugal.  We decided to stop here in order to visit Valenca do Minho on the opposite side of the river.  We didn’t know of anywhere to park in Valenca though so opted for quieter Tui and a half hour walk to our destination.

Our stop is a municipal free aire on the edge of town by the river.  It’s a little spot for motorhomes only with a somewhere to empty waste water, the toilet and a tap for fresh water.  Ideal.  We pull up next to a Spanish man and his dog in their large camper.

Sadly we don’t get to see Valenca today as the rain refuses to let up.  Instead we make a quick dash to the centre of town to stock up on food as its Sunday tomorrow and everywhere is usually shut.  A bit of a disappointing day really.  I love to get to a new place and rush off to explore but today we just hid out in the van reading and watching DVDs.  Fingers crossed tomorrow brings some sun!

This picture is sort of cheating as I took it the following day but this is what Tui looks like from the bridge over to Portugal.  Pretty huh?

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