Monday, 11 June 2012

Pizza the Hut

Day 45 6.06.12 Viana Do Castelo

By the time we got around to opening the curtains on our second day in Viana we discovered all of the campers around us had left.  There had been at least 10 other campers overnight and so we began to freak out that they’d been moved on or perhaps there was some unwritten Portuguese rule about leaving a camping spot before 9 that we didn’t know about.  After a quick exploration revealed no ticket, no clamps and no signs we just figured they were earlier risers than us and equally unimpressed with Viana!  We got no hassle at all in our time in Viana so it must have just been some odd coincidence.  A little worrying at the time though! 

The weather was less rainy but still pretty cloudy and grey.  We headed into town for a better look around.  We came across some nicer buildings than the previous day but many sadly so very run down and dilapidated.  We explored a small fort on the edge of town with some good views.  I really want to be a bit more positive about Viana and perhaps we’ve been spoilt with the immaculately looked after North of Spain, but it’s just so run-down.  Most buildings need a decent lick of paint, the naff graffiti needs getting rid of and all the grass needs mowing! 

After heading back to the van for a siesta we decide to go back into town and treat ourselves to dinner out.  Don’t get too excited, it was only Pizza Hut!  We’re doing this very much on a budget and have eaten little but sandwiches for 6 weeks now!  When in the shopping centre we’d spotted that Pizza Hut had a new ‘Portuguese’ pizza out which for a limited time was half price.  Stuffed crust with cheese and chorizo in it, heavenly!  The whole thing came in at just over 14 euros for the two of us and was much needed.  Our slow and very full stroll (waddle) home ended in us getting drenched through from an unexpected downpour but you can’t have everything!

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