Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lethal drizzle.

05.06.12 Viana do Castelo

We leave Vila praia de ancora mid-morning, after a drizzly and damp start puts pay to my plan of updating the blog whilst sat on a wall beside an open wifi connection I’d found.  Having read that Portugal has a terrible record for drink driving and road accidents (the worst per capita in the EU) we’re trying to keep our journeys short and as early in the day as possible.  It’s a thankfully uneventful half an hour journey to our next stop, the main resort on the Costa Verde, Viana do Castelo.

We’d noted the co-ordinates for a couple of potential parking spots but our first one is ideal.  It’s beside the beach (with working showers this time, yay!), there’s a huge supermarket nearby and the place is already so busy with campers that it looks more like a campervan sales showroom than a car-park.  We stock up at the supermarket, have lunch and then reluctantly head into town despite the weather.  The drizzle coming in off the nearby mountains means visibility is really poor and we end up getting rather soggy.

The town doesn’t look to be too great really.  There seems to be lots of attractive old (but very similar) buildings that have been turned into council offices and smartened up.  Those that haven’t been bought have sadly been left to fall apart, even some on the main high street.  It’s a massive shame to see these once gorgeous places so dilapidated.  There’s a notable difference already from Northern Spain in that there significantly less money here.  There are lots of run-down buildings, parks and public areas aren’t that well looked after and there’s graffiti everywhere. 

Later in the evening we look around a small fort beside the beach where we’re parked.  Other than that we spend a fair amount of time in the van reading and hoping tomorrow’s weather will be nicer and put a more positive spin on the town.

ß One of the many terrible bird-poo covered local sculptures and the lesser known ‘Living Dog’ statue.

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