Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Health and safety be damned!

Day 65 - 26.06.12 Obidos and Peniche

Thankfully we awoke to a much clearer morning and so got on the road to Obidos.  We found a car park just for campers that was free between 9 and 5 and had services too.  Obidos is a small city surrounded by huge rampart walls and shadowed by a large castle on a hill.  We clamoured up the steep steps onto the turreted walls and enjoyed the sometimes hair-raising walk high above the town.  There is no handrail to hold onto and the stones can be quite slippery after years of wear and tear, Portugal doesn't much care for health and safety regulations!  Nevertheless it was very nice to get up high and enjoy a slight breeze as its sweltering today!  

The views all around were fantastic, Obidos looks very cute from above with its medieval cobbled streets and red tiled roofs.  The main parts of the castle have unfortunately been turned into a hotel.  It has been done quite tastefully but it’s still a shame.  They were also setting up for a Medieval Fair whilst we were there which looked really good, its pity we missed it but it doesn’t start until July.  It’s really nice how Obidos has managed to incorporate tourism without losing too much of its traditional charm. 

After stocking up at a supermarket on the edge of Obidos we headed west to Peniche, a huge peninsular.  It’s certainly good to get a sea breeze on such a hot day.  We set off to explore the area, walking along the cliffs, which look like a rocky lunar landscape.  Huge piles of rocks teeter on the edge of collapsing into the sea below and the ground is dry and cracked.   Lots of sea birds nest along the coast, we saw some cormorants and a seagull with its chicks.  After heading back to the van we watched the sun set, hidden behind a band of red cloud and settled in for the night.  Oh and we finished watching Game of Thrones so I'll shut up about it now!

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  1. Sooooo jelous! Sounds and looks stunning! Comehomeimissyou. Glad you're having a great time still! Stay safe laydeeee! Terri