Monday, 18 June 2012

Everybody needs good neighbours.

Day 55 - 16.06.12 Praia da Mira

We got on the road mid-morning and headed to Praia de Mira, our next spot along the coast.  Our parking spot was a large scrap of land beside a campsite.  Usually we’d think it’s a bit too cheeky to free camp beside a paid campsite but there were at least 10 other campers there! 

The spot was beside the beach with fine white sand as far as the eye could see and blissfully quiet too.  We parked up (unintentionally) next to the only non-French camper there, which turned out to be owned by a friendly Lincolnshire couple who came over to say hi.  We chatted for a while before heading into town. 

The walk into town was alongside a huge, beautiful lagoon.  It was a wonderfully blue and still body of water.  The centre itself was however a ghost town.  A handful of over-priced mini-markets and some quiet bars were about the extent of it.  The beach at this end was busier with the fishermen sorting out their nets for the day’s sardine catch.  

After a while we headed back, watched the sunset and then spent the rest of the evening chatting with our very hospitable neighbours.  We shared a few drinks and talked about our experiences so far.  They’ve been travelling for periods of a couple of months at a time for 32 years so had plenty of stories and useful experience to pass on!

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