Wednesday, 27 June 2012

English football is like English weather. Crap.

Day 63 24.06.12 Sao Martinho do Porto
On our second day in Sao Martinho we headed into the main town, following the huge curve of sand around the bay.  There was a market being held, with lots of stalls along the route.  There were a few interesting bits and bobs for sale and Chris managed to haggle himself a war medal for a low price to sell on when we’re back visiting Blighty. 

The town itself has little to see, it’s very much just a beach resort with a few bars and some shops selling swimwear, buckets and spades etc.  There are a lot of English holidaymakers around and it’s nice to hear voices we understand!

We followed signs to a large supermarket on the edge of town to pick up a few bits to eat and then headed back to the van.   After dinner and some more Game of Thrones we went back into town to find a bar to watch the football.  We found a nice place called Martinhos run by a Brummy guy and full of English holidaymakers awaiting kick-off.  We enjoyed a couple of beers and hoped for a win (not least because the Brummy guy had offered everyone a free drink if England won) but no joy and home we headed to bed.

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