Friday, 15 June 2012

Did I mention how much I hate hand washing?

Day 52 - 13.06.12 Furadouro

Our second day in Furadouro is spent making good use of the facilities.  We get showered (brrr) and then start working our way through the mountain of hand washing that needs doing.  Thankfully the sun is out and very strong so lots of the small items get dried off quickly.  It seems unlikely that we’ll find at launderette in North Portugal as the answers to our queries at the Tourist Offices have been downgraded from ‘I don’t think there’s one around here’ to ‘We don’t really have those here’. 

We pick up a couple of things from a local mini mart and in the evening have a walk along the seafront.  Then it’s time for a beer, Blade Runner then bed.

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