Thursday, 7 June 2012

Culture shock

04.06.12 Vila Praia de Ancora

We left Tui early and headed into towards Vila Praia de Ancora, one of Portugal’s most Northern beach resorts.  We find a spot to park on the road out of town which is beside the beach and some private-ish showers.  Sadly there’s not a lot in town, except for a nice church and some shops.  The two supermarkets are pretty expensive and lack choice, which is annoying as we’re running low on a few things. 

We enjoy a walk along the beach and get washed up in the showers but otherwise there’s not a lot to do here.
It’s odd to see how different Portugal seems to Northern Spain already.  Northern Spain was full of fit, exercise nuts that were well dressed in similar, smart clothes and spent their lives in cafes.  We saw perhaps three or four overweight people the whole time we were there.  Portugal already seems to have a lot more variety in the sizes and shapes of its people and a lot more alternative folk (which hopefully means we’ll be stared at less).  Unfortunately I don’t speak Portuguese though which may make life a bit harder.  It’s seems similar enough to Spanish that I can read signs etc. but when spoken it sounds like Russian and I haven’t a clue what’s going on!   

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