Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Castles in the sky

Day 58 - 19.06.12 - Leiria

Having found the location of a nearby garage online we headed over there first thing.  We couldn’t find the garage we were looking for but there were plenty around and a friendly Portuguese father and son team were happy to help us out.  They changed the oil, checked the brakes (they’re fine, phew) and changed our burnt out bit of fuse box for a shiny new one.  We were pleased with the work (although the price could’ve been cheaper!) and got back on the road for Leiria.

Castelo Leiria Portugal
Leiria Castle, PortugalLeiria is a colourful and pretty town dominated by a huge castle on a wooded hill in the centre.  We went to look around for a bargain 2.10 euros each and really enjoyed it.  The highlight was a long balcony with stunning arches and the most amazing view over the town.  It really took your breath away.  We got to climb up the main tower too which housed a small museum with interesting bits of weaponry and armour.  From the top, the views all around were really impressive.

There aren’t many other major things to see in Leiria but it’s a pleasant place with a handful of attractive buildings and some incredibly vivid flowers!  There’s a really nice feeling to Leiria and its better maintained than a lot of the places we’ve been so far.

In the evening we discovered that the big TV screen by where we’d parked was showing the England match so we sat down to watch, albeit quietly as we were surrounded by Ukraine fans! 

Leiria, Portugal

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