Friday, 15 June 2012

Back to the sea

Day 51 - 12.06.12 Furadouro 

We awoke to find Van Diesel had made lots of other van friends including a really unusual German van without windows.  It’s amazing sometimes how all it takes is one van to park somewhere then suddenly another six turn up!

We headed off to Furadouro on the coast mainly on the basis of knowing we could park there.  There isn’t a great deal to see on the next stretch south but for us the most important thing was to find a beach spot with a water supply and some showers.  Such enough Furadouro obliged with a nice, clean toilet block and indoor showers (albeit cold ones).

The beach is a wonderfully quiet stretch of beautiful soft white sand.  The town itself is a little eerie though.  It seems like they’ve got everything set up for a bustling tourist town except there are no tourists here.  There are a couple of other campers but that’s about it.  The streets are strangely quiet and the cafes have just a few locals in each.  There are no real attractions outside of the beach but we have everything we need here for a couple of quiet days.  We get some postcards sent home, post a blog update and watch the stunning sunset over the ocean.  It’s so good to be back by the sea.

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