Friday, 4 May 2012

Would you like to avoid crapping your pants?

Day 10 - 2.05.12 Ondarroa

After a morning amble around San Sebastian we decided to hit the road.  Having been let down a little by poor camper spots we prepared for disappointment and noted the co-ordinates of several, hoping one would work out well.  The first on the list was a wild camping (free) spot just outside of Ondarroa on the coast.  The sat nav often barks ‘there are toll roads on this route, would you like to avoid toll roads?’ this time it should have also come with the warning ‘this route has crap your pants moments, would you like to avoid crapping your pants?’.  The route was simply absurd and took us up into steep winding hills with narrow roads and hairpin bends.  It was genuinely terrifying, how Chris held it together I will never know!  The views when I dared take my eyes of the road where phenomenal, huge tree covered hills and turquoise lakes in the valleys. 

We eventually made it in one piece to our destination and it was perfect.  It was a lovely quiet cove with an empty beach, rugged rock formations and breath-taking hills all around.   We pulled in beside an Irish couple in their very expensive camper and went to explore.  We scrambled over the rocks and splashed our feet in the little pools, took relaxing walks on the quiet beach and had a couple of beers as we watched the sun set.  This privacy and relaxation was exactly what we had been looking for, and just what had been missing to date.  This spot is just heavenly, a real hidden gem.

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