Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What you lookin’ at?

Day 36 - 28.05.12 Noia

Noia on the banks of the river
Noia is a very relaxed town on the banks of a wide river.  Walking around it reveals the town to be much smaller than it looks.  There is a really intricate church, lots of old, traditional looking council buildings and a large park in the centre of town full of colourful flowers and fountains.  Most of our day here is spent ambling around the centre enjoying the old buildings and being beside the river.  The hills behind Noia, like many towns in this area, are covered in dense forests of tall pine trees.  It’s a gorgeous backdrop to the town and one you don’t expect to see in the often arid hills of Spain. 

Sadly once you get out of the main centre, there are a lot of closed up shops looking worse for wear and stunning houses just left to rot.  It really is a great shame how many buildings of real style and beauty are just left to be reclaimed by nature.  It’s a problem we’ve noticed to be endemic all along the North coast of Spain, there simply are just too many houses and not enough people to fill them.  Perhaps it’s a slowdown in people buying holiday homes, whatever the reason it’s sad to see some of these real gems left to fall into disrepair.

We stock up the fridge at the local supermarket and generally have a lazy day.  I don’t think they get a huge amount of tourists here and the van seems to be drawing some odd looks with people studying the text on the number plate to figure out where we’re from.  Again this is not unusual and in general we too seem to draw a lot of attention.  I’m not sure if it’s because we’re obviously foreign (although Chris is half Spanish), the way we dress, our general scruffiness or what, but everywhere we go people are clearly talking about us as we pass, in fact people have stopped in their tracks to look at us!  It’s odd to be the subject of so much attention and I have no idea what’s causing it! 

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