Tuesday, 1 May 2012

This is wine country!

Day 7 - 29.04.12 Bordeaux

After finishing off our ‘to visit’ list in the Loire region we decided to head South on our way to Spain and hopefully some sunshine!  The plan was to stop off at an aire in Couhe en route to Bordeaux.  Unfortunately the aire we’d read about online was no longer there and the sat nav tried to direct us to drive into a building.  Chris was happy to keep driving down to Bordeaux so we made for another aire we’d read about online.  Once again we were disappointed as the gates into the park we were supposed to stay in were locked shut and there was no sign of another entrance.   We made our way back onto the motorway and pulled into the nearest truck stop.  There wasn’t an ideal place to park and within ten minutes we’d already been asked to move by one truck driver.  No chance of a decent night’s sleep here either. 

Starting to get frustrated we checked the laptop for another spot and found one 20 minutes away.  We followed the route which took us into a private vineyard.  Convinced we’d once again been screwed over by the internet Chris turned the van around while I leapt out to take a picture of the sunset over the vineyard.  I heard a shout coming from the farmhouse on the vineyard and spotted a man in his vest and boxer shorts shouting something about parking whilst looking embarrassed of his attire.  We went over and I managed to conjure up the French for ‘can we park here overnight?’ that I’d memorised from google translate before we left.  We said it was fine, confirmed it would be free and gestured to where we should park.  The vineyard was gorgeous and wonderfully silent.  We both had a great night’s sleep and were really grateful for the kindness of the French man in his pants.



  1. Looks like you're having a great time exploring the unknown. There are some beautiful Ria's around Cape Finisterre if you're going that far. Let me know what you think of Viveiro when you get there.
    All the best
    Bryce (travelbugs21@gmail.com)

  2. Thanks Bryce, good to hear from you. I'll certainly add those two to the list. It may be a little while before we hit that side of the coast as we're off inland to Madrid shortly for a music festival. Hope all is well :-)