Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunshine where for art thou?

Day 29 21.05.12 Foz 

We decided to stay a second day in Foz as it’s such a great spot.  It’s rare for us to stay longer than one night as we don’t like to overstay our welcome and would hate to find ourselves getting moved on to somewhere else, especially late at night.

We head into the centre mid-morning so Ali can coo over the bunnies in the pet-shop (never seen cuter in my life!) and we can ask about a launderette at the tourist office (nope).  It’s much more overcast and sadly the town doesn’t look as pretty as yesterday.  We find wifi and perch on a step outside a shop to get the blog updated – the things we do for you eh?!   

We get some food shopping done in town and spend the rest of the day chilling out at the van and doing some more goddamn hand washing!

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