Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunsets and adventuring

Day 13 - 05.05.12 Lekeitio

Sunset in Lekeitio on the basque coast of Northern Spain

Sunset on our first night in Lekeitio was just beautiful.  People from campers all around came out to take photos.  We sat on a wall by the van and watched it for a little while.  It was the kind of moment we were hoping this trip would give us and a memory I hope we’ll hold on to.  We fell asleep that night listening to the waves.  This is the life!

Lekeitio is perfect for us.  The place we’re parked is free, quiet, safe and utterly beautiful.  We’ve got uninterrupted sunlight on the solar panels, public toilets and showers should we not wish to use our own and the bar at the end of the beach has unsecured wifi.  We both skyped home yesterday and it was awesome to be able to show our families the sea and this lovely spot we’ve found. 

The water here is crystal clear and tropical looking.  It’s an unfortunate reminder that we forgot to buy snorkels!  We had a quiet day with a trip to the supermarket and chatting to family. 

Once the tide went out we headed to the island over the sand and climbed to the top.  We were rewarded with some great views.  It would have been nice to stay until sunset but we weren’t sure when the tides were and didn’t want to end up stranded!
Chris doing his best adventurer pose

It will be with heavy hearts that we leave Lekeitio as it really is the perfect spot.  We’re keen not to push our luck too much though as we should be staying at the official aire down the road.  We don’t want to get moved on as we’d hope to be able to return here someday.

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