Thursday, 31 May 2012

Siesta? Me gusta!

Day 38 - 30.05.12 Pontevedra

We like Pontevedra so much we decide to spend a second day.  There’s a lot of winding little side streets we missed on our first day so we go back to explore.  Sure enough there are lots of hidden delights we’d not seen, this city is just full of great buildings!  After a little while we find ourselves on the residential side of town where there are some beautiful houses.  It’s so close to town yet feels like it could be a village on its own in the middle of nowhere.

The weather is scorching so we head back to the van when shops start closing up in the height of the midday sun and enjoy our own siesta time, we’re really getting into the Spanish way of life! 

We head back into town around 6 or 7 and it’s a lot busier.  There are families with children in all the main squares and the cafes are once again bustling.  It’s hard to believe Spain’s economy is struggling when you see the people here in the North.  Almost everyone is very well dressed in expensive looking clothes and every single bar/cafĂ© is busy.   It’s nice to have another walk around the city now the sun has lost its heat.  Pontevedra really is a great place.  It'll be a shame to leave but the seaside is calling us back.

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