Friday, 4 May 2012

Peace, quiet and naked people

Day 11 - 03.05.12 Ondarroa

The seclusion of this little cove means that the beach on the other side of some nearby  steps is a nudist beach.  Why is it nudist beaches only ever attract wrinkly old men?!

We went over to Ondarroa town to see if we could find a launderette and a supermarket.  Sadly the area is pretty rubbish!  It’s a very run down industrial town that is fiercely independent.  There is graffiti all over everything and banners everywhere toting independence from Spain.  The town is obviously not used to tourists and we aren’t made to feel too welcome, particularly in the shops where they seem to assume we’re shoplifters!  It’s a real shame that the town is this way since our parking spot is so gorgeous.  That said I’m sure if the town was nicer then the parking spot would be much busier and a lot less peaceful so you can’t have everything!

After some scrambling over the rocky outcrops and chilling out by the sea in the afternoon we noticed thick bands of rain moving over the sea and retreated back to the camper to watch the oncoming storm.  We saw some amazingly bright forks of lightning over the sea and the cracks of thunder were really load and long.  It was a really impressive storm and great to watch whilst wrapped up all cosy in the campervan.  

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