Monday, 14 May 2012

Oh sea, y u so angry?

Day 21 - 13.05.12 Llanes

Thankfully we don’t get any bother in the night, so the following morning we head back to the beach to get some water for washing clothes.  There’s lots of surfer campers parked there but all in different places from yesterday so it looks like nobody dared stay the night.  San Vincente is a lovely looking place that definitely benefits from this morning’s bright sunshine.  Nonetheless we’re still not feeling very welcome so we head for the first beach resort we can find that’s outside of Cantabria. 
Llanes coastline in Asturias, Northern Spain

Llanes is just inside the Asturias border and sure enough the car park we head for that’s alongside the beach is free from those damn ‘no campers’ signs.  It’s a quiet spot beside a beach full of jagged rocks.  The sky is overcast and it’s very windy making for huge waves and a wonderfully angry sea which we sit and watch from a cliff. 

We take a wander through town but it’s quiet and mostly closed since its Sunday.  The town has lots of nice features and interesting buildings.  It also certainly seems much friendlier than the last few places.  It’s quite a quiet day for us but it’s nice to be back in a place we know we won’t get hassled and we can fall asleep listening to the sea.

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