Monday, 21 May 2012

My kingdom for a launderette!

Day 26 - 18.05.12 – Salinas

Our second day in Salinas is a quiet one.  We venture into town in the hope of finding the elusive launderette but no joy.  They were everywhere in France but they only seem to have dry cleaners here and they’re very costly.  More hand washing for us then! 

Salinas is a very odd kind of town with a strange mix of housing.  Alongside one end of the beach are lots of high rise flat blocks which look a little old and somewhat run down.  Only 30 seconds walk later you find swanky beachfront dream houses with fantastically individual styles.  They are built on humungous plots of land and many seem to have fallen out of an episode of Grand Designs.  There is no middle ground here and the super swish homes seem somewhat at odds with the laid back surfers’ paradise Salinas tries to be pitching itself as.  Nonetheless we feel comfortable enough to spend a second night here which is always a good sign!

We spend the rest of the day making the most of the warm showers, using the nearby wifi to catch up on emails and you guessed it more hand-washing! 

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