Friday, 4 May 2012

May the fourth be with you from Lekeitio.

Day 12 - 04.05.12 Lekeitio

Our wild camping spot in LekeitioHaving spent two days in our haven by Ondarroa we decided tohead along the coast to Lekeitio in the hope that a slightly larger town willhave a decent supermarket and maybe a launderette. After a half an hour drive along morecrap-your-pants roads we arrived at a wild camping spot by the beach. Perhaps even more beautiful than the lastspot, the beach was very quiet and the surrounding areas plush and green. We pulled in next to a beaten up Spanishcamper and were soon joined by a French couple. The town seems livelier and better kept than Ondarroa and we found acheap supermarket to stock up on supplies. The weather is again glorious and we’ve been for a dip in the sea (Bayof Biscay).
The beach at Lekeitio, Northern Spain

On our way back from town we found a park overlooking thesea next to a hotel with wifi. Fingerscrossed we can use this for skyping the parentals later. Then in true May the Fourth tradition itsback to the van for some Star Wars.


  1. I love reading your blog. It's taking me back to my travels. It gets easier and less stressful the better the weather is and the more accumstomed you become. Hope you're enjoying the local food as well as the sights?

  2. Thanks Sue, glad you're enjoying it. We're having a great time and the sunshine is making things much easier! We're trying to stick to a tight budget so we haven't done a lot of eating out as of yet. I'm sure the temptation of freshly caught fish will crack Chris soon though ;-)