Friday, 18 May 2012

Livin' in a surfer's paradise

Day 25 - 17.05.12 - Salinas

After seeing how few resorts there are on the upcoming stretch of road we decide to hit the supermarket and stock up on more food.  We also take the laptop into town and catch up on blog posts as we’d seen an unsecured wifi with the iphones the previous day.  It’s a long walk back from town with shopping bags plus laptop and its already early afternoon on our return.  After lunch we hit the road for our next wild spot at Salinas.

The roads are much busier on this route but the scenery is again spectacular with high roads over wooded valleys and tunnels through huge steep hills.  Salinas is a surfers paradise with a wide bay and great waves.  It makes for a very laid-back atmosphere and a warm welcome for campervans.  At the end of the long beach is a rocky outcrop with magnificent views over the sea and a great sculpture atop the jagged rocks. 

There’s a big toilet and shower block along the promenade with warm showers (heaven!).  We also find a restaurant with unsecured wifi (JACKPOT!).  We park the van in the public car park right next to the restaurant and 2 minutes from the shower block, the perfect spot!  We get plenty of time to catch up on all things internet and skype home to family.  Afterwards we go for a quick wander around the centre of town and make it back to the seafront to enjoy our first proper sunset over the waves.  Bliss!

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