Thursday, 17 May 2012

Home is wherever we put the van in neutral.

Day 23 - 15.05.12 Pumarin

We set off mid-morning from our spot in Celorio to a nice spot we’d seen by a quiet beach.  The idea was to split up the driving to Gijon with this quiet stop over just outside Pumarin.  When we arrived at the beach it was just simply perfect, a small car park between two large (and almost entirely empty) beaches.  The sea was ideal for surfing and we were surprised to see only one person out in the waves.
Awesome wild camping spot!

We pulled up and explored the area and found a small waterfall surrounded by lilies close by, really very beautiful.  It is so great to find these little gems of places, especially when they’re as quiet as this.  Soon, the other couple of people around had left and it felt like if only just for that little while, this whole area was ours.  We fall asleep listening to the sea and wake up in the morning, look out of the window and see a beautiful empty beach.   These are the kind of places we longed to find on our journey and the campervan means that even if only for a night we can call them home. 

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