Friday, 25 May 2012

Hello, my name is Alison Parcell. You ruined my day, prepare to die.

Day 32 - 24.05.12 La Coruna

After a lazy morning in La Coruna we set off to the launderette the tourist info lady had given us directions to.  We packed up all the dirty laundry which now equates to 1 backpack, 1 bag for life and 2 large carrier bags and trundled off on foot to the other side of town.  Driving in La Cpruna is just insane and would have lost us our parking space so we decided against it.  The views on the way were gorgeous and once again the sun was out in full force.  After a looooong walk (Chris’ guess as to how long it took = 3 years) we arrived at the street to find most of the shops were shut.   We wandered around for a little while with no joy.  We asked at a hotel, bar, supermarket and corner shop but nobody knew anything about a launderette nearby.  A woman in the supermarket suggested there may be one in the big shopping centre nearby but it turned out to be a dry cleaner.  Gutted.

The only silver lining for me being that the pet shop in the shopping centre had a ton of supercute puppies. 

Other than that everything was crap and we got a taxi back to the van, must remember to bill that tourist centre muppet for the ride!

When we got back we ate a lot of cake and caught up on internet stuffs at a wifi hotspot down the road.  Not our finest of days!

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