Friday, 25 May 2012

Good evening from the end of the world.

Day 33 - 25.05.12 Cape Finisterre

Given the write off that was yesterday we were ready to get on the road early and off to our next destination Cape Finisterre.  The end of the famous Camino de Santiago, Finisterre is often referred to as the end of the world.  When we arrive on a grey, cloudy day it certainly feels that way.  Everything looks run down and there’s a lot of litter, graffiti and seagull poop all over everything.  After accidentally driving into the middle of an outdoor market (oops) we find our parking spot beside the port and go for a wander about.  It seems the tiny town centre equates to some naff shops, hostels and overpriced restaurants and we’re pretty disappointed.  We walk to a beach 15 minutes or so away which is nice but nothing special and the fabled views look to be impressive but with the low cloud and gloom are hard to make out.

Thankfully a little while later the sun comes out and the town is transformed.  Colour comes out of nowhere and the views are suddenly spectacular.  We start to walk towards the end of the cape where the pilgrims traditionally finished their journey with a dip in the sea and the burning of clothes.  The route is very pretty but we only make it a third or so of the way.  After yesterday’s huge walk, neither of us feel up to a 2 hour round trek so we leave it to the religious nuts and head back to the van with our clothes singe-free.

I’ve heard amazing tales about the sunsets here but sadly the cloud set in again so we won’t be seeing one.  All in all I’m a little let down by Finisterre, I’d heard great things about this place and whilst in the sunshine it’s a lot prettier, it’s still a pretty poorly looked after place.  It seems like they know the tourists will come because the Camino de Santiago so there’s no need to neaten up the place or make an effort as people will come regardless and it’s a real shame.  It really wouldn’t take a lot of work to smarten the area up and it be just as lovely as I’d imagined!

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