Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Glorious Guggenheim and the flower power puppy.

Day 14 - 06.05.12 Lekeitio to Bilbao

We enjoy a lazy morning in Lekeitio and after an early lunch we get on the road for Bilbao.  Once again the roads are steep and winding and it’s becoming obvious the van isn’t a huge fan.  We’ll have to do a few straight, flat runs to apologise. 

Bilbao was the first place Chris and I went on holiday together and we both fell in love with this place.  The city has been re-invented over the last decade or so and the money that has gone into it is clear.  It’s not just money though, it’s creativity.  Every inch of this city screams of quirky individualism and architectural flair.  There’s not a part you look at and think they could have made more effort.  Whether it’s street lamps, staircases or benches, the time has been taken to make sure it looks imaginative and novel. 
Frank Gehry's Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Northern Spain

Guggenheim museum in Bilbao by Frank GehryThe Guggenheim museum is of course the focal point and it’s design is genius.  From every angle and any time of day it’s just a masterpiece.  Alongside the museum is a huge puppy made of flowers, needless to say, my favourite thing in this great city.  It was meant as an exhibition piece for the opening of the Guggenheim in 1997 but the locals loved it so much it’s been here since.

As with many of the Basque places we’ve visited so far, there is a strong community pride and a real family feel here.  There are playgrounds everywhere as well as basketball courts, skate parks and in-line skating parks.  The city is incredibly well looked after and full to the brim with interesting sculptures, fountains and beautiful parks.  We’re both very happy here and looking forward to spending more time re-acquainting ourselves with this fascinating city.

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