Thursday, 17 May 2012

Getting our Gij on

Day 24 - 16.05.12 Gijon

We would have loved to have stayed longer on our little private beach but sadly privacy means no supermarkets and we were running low on food.  We decided to head for Gijon, our first big city for a little while.  The drive was great; the van was finally running pretty well, the roads were quiet, we had some Faith No More on the stereo and the views were phenomenal.
Coastline and beach in Gijon, Northern Spain
Church in Gijon, Northern Spain
Our spot for the night was a free car park separated from the sea by a gorgeous green park.  It’s a little way out of town but the walk in along the sea front is very nice, if ridiculously windy today!  There are lots of people out in the sea kite-surfing, windsurfing and just plain surfing, it looks like pretty tough going but it makes for fun viewing!

Gijon was damaged very badly in the Civil War, so there isn’t a great deal of history left here and not a lot of sights to see.  Nonetheless the spread of the city along the long beach means it has all the amenities of a large city with a much greater feeling of space.  It’s a clean, relaxed and well looked after city, and whilst there’s not a lot of the sight-seeing list it’s an enjoyable place to be. 

We find a park on the edge of the city and spend a good deal of time there.  There’s a huge aviary with lots of unusual birds including emus and an albino peacock.  We also spot a lovely red squirrel.  There’s a big lake with lots of peacocks wandering around the edge and a stunning rose garden.  It’s a very lovely place to pass a couple of hours and enjoy the sunshine which is back in force today.


  1. Hi both
    That beach sounds like bliss, just the sort of place I love.
    Glad to hear all is well now and the van is fixed.
    Keep exploring and enjoying.

  2. Oh it really was bliss. We were there for over 24 hours and saw perhaps 8 or 9 other people in the whole time. It's called Arenal de Moris if you ever feel like checking it out, although the drive down the winding road to it is less than blissful!