Monday, 21 May 2012

Excuse me Spain but there seems to be some sort of wet stuff falling from the sky.

Day 27 - 19.05.12 Luarca

We get an early start and hit the road to Luarca, a small fishing town.  Seaside stops are getting thinner on the ground now we’re heading towards the rocky coast of Galicia but nonetheless Luarca is a gorgeous stop off.

We park up beside a horse-shoe shaped bay with the best sounding waves I’ve ever heard.  Much of the sea so far has been quite loud and boisterous but the shape of the bay thins these waves out so they sound like a relaxation CD, blissful! 

Luarca is a thoroughly charming place and I can’t help but smile the whole time we’re there.  The little boats on the harbour and adorable houses overlooking the river are just so damn cute!  The only down side is the Luarca is lacking in beaches.  Our bay has one but it spends most of the day under water and only emerges when the tide goes out at night.  Despite this, Luarca is the first place in a little while that we both find ourselves falling for, it’s just so endearing!

Our exploring of the town is cut short by one hell of a rain shower.  The rain is incredibly heavy and we curl up in the van for a good couple of hours until it finally dies off.  Night time in Luarca is just as beautiful as all the bars and restaurants around the fishing bay are lit up, so much so I got up out of bed and got dressed to go take a picture!

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