Thursday, 24 May 2012

Disco beach.

Day 30 - 22.05.12 Viveiro

We set off in the morning and head west to Viveiro.  We didn’t know of a spot to park and ended up in very nearby Covas in a spot alongside a neat little park. 

Crossing over the bridge into Viveiro gives you a gorgeous view of the city; the old city walls, historic churches, cute painted wooden front houses and then…a monstrosity of a supermarket.  Whoever gave the planning permission for the huge blue and yellow Gadis hypermarket on the waterfront needs their head testing – such a shame!

The town itself is full of winding narrow streets many of which are lined with ridiculously extravagant shops with snooty sales assistants and chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. 

Some of the larger buildings and flats above the shops are very pretty with an art deco Ghibli-esque kind of feel.  The old churches are charming but nothing spectacular, which is pretty much our over-riding view of the town.  It’s worth noting that it’s overcast again today and things always look nicer in the sun!  As we head out of town, the tide is in and has filled up the inlet beside the town, making for a much more attractive view (can’t do anything about the hypermarket though!)

We spend the late afternoon on a beach near our parking spot where the sand is somehow sparkly?!  I’m not sure what causes it much it really shimmers even without the sun!  

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