Thursday, 17 May 2012

The day we went to Poo

Day 22 - 14.05.12 Poo and Celorio

Llanes harbour
We ventured into Llanes central again to have a better look around whilst everything was open and stock up on some food.  The weather had improved a lot and the sun was shining.  This brightened up the town no end and made the harbour and beach much prettier.

We deciding where to go next we spotted on the map that there was a town down the road called Poo and so we had to go and visit!  I’ve got to say there wasn’t really a lot there and the road to the beach was too narrow for Van Diesel so it was just a flying visit.  Nonetheless Poo smelt very nice on account of all the pretty lilies growing there.

We drove on to the next wild spot on our map, just ten minutes away in the town of Celorio.  Being out of season the town was incredibly quiet but made for a peaceful stop.  We parked up on a road near the beach, alongside a farmer’s field full of cows with cowbells, including the picture one named affectionately ‘Bellhead’ as she’d managed to somehow get her bell stuck on top of her head!
As with all of these coastal towns at the moment, the Picos de Europa are ever present in the background making for some incredible views.

We caught up on some washing, used the free wifi at a beach bar and just generally chilled out.  Not a huge amount to report really but that’s nice in itself since it’s been pretty stressful of late.  It’s great just to enjoy the quiet of some of these places and take in the scenery.

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