Thursday, 24 May 2012

Coast of Death

Day 31 - 23.05.12 A Coruna

After Viveiro, our guide book suggests that the drive to the next seaside town is ‘tortuous’, we decide Van Diesel isn’t really up for it and since we know there aren’t many worthwhile stops along this so called ‘Coast of Death’ we decide to ditch it entirely and head for A Coruna.

It’s a long drive but the roads are eerily quiet and we make good time.  Today's journey took us so high up in the mountains we drove through a cloud!  I wish I could take decent pictures whilst we drive so we could show you the scenery en route because some of it is just breath-taking.  Sadly at 110 kph through our bug splattered windscreen the spots never turn out too well!  

We arrive late morning and the sun is out in force, it’s going to be a scorcher!  Our spot is a nice park beside the oldest working lighthouse in the world.  We do what we can to stay in the shade on our way into town since the sun is at its strongest. 

The first spot we hit is the best, the massive Government building on the town’s main square.  It really is a sight to behold!

The nearby old church is also a great sight.  The rest of the old town is a bit disappointing by comparison although the architectural museum housed in an old fort is quite impressive.  It’s a shame they haven’t pedestrianised the old town area as it’s hard to appreciate it when you hard to pin yourself to a wall every five minutes so someone can drive down the narrow street past you!  We stroll past the port area and see a ginormous ship the likes of which I’ve never seen, it’s like a floating country!  The rest of the town is nice, with lots of gardens and sculptures dotted about.

The walk back along the beach side of the peninsula offers some amazing sea views.  We wander past the aquarium and spot some seals in the outside pools.  We wander down to the beach at sundown to find it surprisingly empty, so we have it all to ourselves for what turns out to be a gorgeous sunset.

In other exciting news, the lady at the tourist office says there’s a launderette on the other side of town!  We’ll have to drive there tomorrow but YAAAAAAAY!  ß-I know this isn’t exciting to anyone but me, but seriously we haven’t been to a launderette since France and I’m sick to death of handwashing!

^ UPDATE - She lied and I may have to kill her.

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