Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cleanliness is next to awesomeness

Day 34 - 26.05.12 Louro

It’s a late start in Finisterre as Ali manages to sleep in till 10:30 (I’m a sleep MACHINE!).  Our next major stop off is the big city of Santiago de Compostela but knowing better than to visit major cities on a Saturday we opt for a quiet stop off en route at Muros.

The journey takes around an hour and the coastal road provides great views of the rugged Coast of Death.  Muros is a quiet fishing town with a lovely harbour and a labyrinth of cobbled winding streets working their way back from the sea up a hill.  It’s a charming place with a mix of traditional red-tiled-roofed stone houses and lots of gorgeous art deco buildings.  There really is a lovely feel to the place which is very up-lifting after a couple of dud days.  Nonetheless the beach is tiny and the beach showers are opposite the only supermarket in town so not very private!  We stock up at the supermarket and then decide to head back to nearby Louro as the beach there is much larger and virtually empty.

The car park by the sea is very quiet too and has a fantastic view.  On the way into Muros I had spotted a campsite with a restaurant so we decide to head down and ask if they have launderette facilities.  Sure enough they do and after doing my best sweet talking in Spanish the lovely owner lady unlocks the room and agrees to let us use them even though we’re not staying at the campsite.  We return with our mountains of washing and utilise the campsite’s free wifi whilst we wait…perfection.  I thank the campsite lady profusely and we trek back to the van with bags overflowing with wondrously clean clothes.  We also make use of the showers on the beach and slip into fresh, clean clothes.  It’s amazing how these things you take for granted take on an almost magical feel when you’re deprived of them!

We spend the rest of the evening enjoying the beach and then bed down for a film.

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