Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Au revoir and hola!

Day 8 - 30.04.12 San Sebastian

As beautiful as France has been, the weather has been nothing short of atrocious.  Our plan had always been to head for the sun in Spain and we’ve really been feeling the lack of sunshine.  After a great nights rest on the vineyard we plotted to head for San Sebastian.  We’d hoped to check out Bordeaux but the traffic on our way through had been insane and neither of us fancied getting involved in it a second time. 
The motorway segment of the journey was great and we got a huge part of the journey under our belts easily.  The sun was starting to stream into the van and we were blasting out some Springsteen and Frank Turner on the stereo.  Good times.

Sadly the fun stopped shortly after we left the motorway and the route was full of roundabouts, stopping and starting, steep and winding roads and lunatic drivers.  Perhaps we should have paid for the toll road after all!  The views passing through the south west of France were amazing, particularly Saint Jean de Luz which was just gorgeous. 

We made it to San Sebastian late afternoon.  Again the spot we’d planned for was full so we headed to an aire on the edge of the city which was 3.10 euros a night.  The sunshine here is incredibly strong and our batteries are fully charged off the solar panel.  We did have a heavy bit of rain for ten minutes or so but otherwise it’s nice and summery.  Just what we needed!  We’ve been to San Sebastian before a couple of years back when we came to nearly Bilbao for the BBK music festival and we’re really looking forward to exploring the city again.

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