Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A 24p can of beer you say? This calls for research!

Day 15 - 07.05.12 Bilbao

Our second morning in Bilbao involved stocking up on food (and beer), trying to find a launderette (miles away and extortionate) and looking at the local price of tyres (also extortionate).  The sunshine was blazing so we had to hide out in the van around lunchtime as it was getting a little much for our still-quite-pastey skin.  Our parking spot here is a large car park on the edge of town, a small corner of which is taken over by campervans.  The neighbours it must be said are quite frustrating, including a woman with a violin she’s atrocious at playing and a group of French couples who decided that 8:30 am was a great time for an extremely loud and animated discussion outside our van.  It’s certainly not the peace and quiet we had in Lekeitio that’s for sure!

Bilbao train stationIn the late afternoon we headed over along the river to the old town to see the cathedral and grand theatre building.  The train station across the river is incredibly beautiful with a huge stained glass window inside.  The city is surrounded by green hills and the view along every street leads to plush vistas.  We visited all of the major tourist attractions on our first visit here a couple of years ago so we didn’t go again this time.  It’s worthy of note though that this city has numerous great art galleries and museums that we really enjoyed last time.

Bilbao, Northern Spain
On the way home we discovered a supermarket very close to where we are parked selling a 330cl can of beer for a mere 25 cents?!  For scientific research purposes we decided to indulge and can confirm from our comprehensive studies that it’s actually quite nice!

Bilbao has again been such an enjoyable place to visit and we’re both very glad that it’s just as amazing as we’d remembered.  This is a city close to both our hearts and it’ll be a bit of a strain to leave tomorrow but we’re both missing the sea so it’s back on the road to the coast.

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