Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rain stopped play

Day 6 - 28.04.12 – Amboise 

Camping l'Ile d'Or in Amboise
The next step on our journey is a relatively long drive but we decided to avoid the busy Saturday roads and the driving rain and instead headed to a nearby campsite.  We had hoped to keep our overnight stops free wherever possible but the constant rain had left our solar powered batteries low and the both of us longing for warm showers.  The campsite is a scenic spot on the South banks of the river facing the castle.  Our overnight stay cost around £10 but offered all the electricity and water we could use, proper toilets, washing up sinks and of course those gloriously welcome hot showers.  Once again it rained all day with very few short let ups so we settled down in the van with DVDs and the duvet.  Very little else to report except that we’re well and truly fed up of the rain!  We’d love to explore France more because what we’ve seen so far is amazing but the rain really is putting a dampener on the visit so tomorrow we hit the road south in the search for sun.

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