Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Well today was the day of our first nerve-racking MOT!  We know the van had a fair amount of work done not too long ago but nonetheless we were pretty worried as she'd been out on the driveway stood still over the cold winter months.  We also couldn't find any information about the cam belt being changed and knowing they can be an issue in campers like ours we were expecting to have to shell out for a new one.

The van did fail the MOT but only on a stretched handbrake cable!  The cam belt is almost mint condition and aside from a couple of minor advisories our little camper has a fresh bill of health.  The mechanic is hoping to fix the handbrake cable tomorrow and then we should have her back on our driveway.  It's impossible to explain how relieved we both are!  Once the camper (which we really should give a name) is back then we'll be booking our ferry to France!

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