Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Money, money, money

Despite being 'the world's local bank' HSBC wanted to charge me a fortune for using my card abroad and getting cash out so we set about finding alternatives!

Bank accounts for using your money abroad

Moneysupermarket pointed us in the direction of Norwich and Peterborough building society.
Their Gold Light current account promises no handling fee, free ATM withdrawals and no charges for using your debit card, perfect!  There is a low usage charge of £5 a month if you have less than 5 transactions a month, but other than that, its no strings attached.  The set up was a bit long winded and there were a fair few hoops to jump through but we got there in the end and the card arrived.  You can use the card at any Visa cash machines and internet banking is included.

Prepaid cash cards for travelling

Unfortunately due to 'not being on the electoral roll', Chris was refused an N&P bank account!  CRISIS!  Assuming we'd find similar problems with other banks, we started looking into pre paid cards.

Caxton FX Europe traveller card
Again on the advice of Moneysupermarket we found Caxton FX Card.  Their Europe Traveller account allows you to top up a card with up to 50,000 Euros in a year (7,500 at a time).  It can be used for free withdrawals at Visa machines anywhere in the Euro currency area and used like a debit card in shops.  The set up was simple and the customer service incredible.  The card arrived in no time, was easy to load with money and the exchange rate was one of the best we've seen.  Highly recommended!



  1. good site,please keep doing this good job .

  2. Thanks! Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

  3. Nice one on replying to the spammer :P That caxton FX card sounds like it's worth having if you only go on holiday once a year anyway!

    -Walsh x