Thursday, 19 April 2012

If you like it, then you gotta put some locks on it.

Security has always been a huge concern for us. It was the main reasoning behind getting a panel van as we felt it would present a harder target to would-be thieves. The van also comes with an immobiliser which is a pain to constantly have to turn off but worth its weight in gold if it stops someone driving off with our home!   We've also got a safe box bolted to the van's chassis to keep vital van contents safe.

We've made some other additions ourselves intended to be extra deterrents.

A hasp on the back door with a round padlock helps to make this otherwise weak point a lot sturdier.

We picked this up off eBay for around £15 including postage and got it bolted on by the mechanic when we had the MOT done.  We then sprayed it with a grey primer to prevent rust.

Another handy tip we picked up on a motorhome forum was to lock the driving seat in its furthest forward position so the van cannot be driven away.  We push the seat all the way up to the driving wheel and then push a long shackle padlock through the holes in the seat rail to stop it being moved back.  A really cheap and simple idea which will hopefully make our van a tougher target.

It should really go without saying that removing any valuables from view is essential every time you leave the van.  Petty crime is common but often opportunistic, with thieves preying on easy targets where smashing a window can result in a handful of goodies.  We always remove the sat nav and take the fascia off the CD player.  Many thieves often assume these gadgets may be stored in the glove box so its a good idea to leave this wide open to show its empty.

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