Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Goodbye and Bonjour!

Day 1 - 23.04.12 - 170 miles travelled

Being the traitors we are, we set sail for Calais on St George’s Day.  Having arrived at the port 3 hours early (nice one Ali) we sat around for a while and then managed to get an earlier ferry.  The crossing was fine and we arrived in a rainy, grey Calais around lunchtime. 

Our stop for the evening was a free aire named Stella Plage, around an hour south of Calais.  After a few hairy driving moments (roundabouts are hell and our van hates hills), we spotted some French campers and our home for the night.  

The area was wonderfully silent between two huge sand dunes.  A quick scramble over the sand dunes led to a stunning beach with sand as far as the eye can see.  It was really quiet too, just a few French families flying kits and looking for shells in what was now glorious sunshine.  After such a dreary start to our trip, this lovely little spot was just what we needed. 

The clouds didn’t look to stay clear for long, so we picked up some food at a cheap local supermarket and settled down in the van with munchies, a DVD and an early night.    

Tomorrow we're up early and off to Rouen for lunch.

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  1. Ca va? Glad you're still alive.
    Tris. :)