Wednesday, 25 April 2012

From rainy Rouen to dinner by the Loire

Day 2 - 24.04.12 – 

We made a very early start from the beach with high hopes of reaching Orleans for the night.  The free motorway was blissfully quiet and we made great time for a stop off at Rouen for lunch and a quick look around.  
French motorways are AWESOME! 

Staircase in Rouen cathedral, FranceRouen cathedral, FranceWe parked up by the river in a large car park near a travelling circus and headed over to the town.  The cathedral was beautiful, if a little creepy looking.  There was something of the Mines of Muria about it!  The town itself was very typically French with lots of wooden fronted buildings and winding streets.  

We came across some interesting sites including a shop named Simon, one named Gary and a donkey wearing Action Man rollerskates.

Aire by the river in OrleansThe drive to Orleans was similarly quiet and on the most part relaxing.  The views on our way through the Loire valley have been utterly stunning.  The head south seems to also solved the problem of where France had been hiding the sunshine.  It’s much nicer and far less rainy down here!  We parked up for the evening in a beautiful spot on the opposite side of the river to the centre of Orleans.  We packed up a small picnic and headed to a nearby viewing spot for a lovely dinner on the banks of the Loire.  We’re very much looking forward to exploring the city in the morning.

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