Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ensure you're insured!

Finding insurance was a nightmare so we thought we should put together a quick guide to save other people some of the legwork!

Many insurers would simply just not insure us because we haven't had our licenses for two years.  The other problem was finding adequate European cover for our journey.  This left us with only one company that would cover us, Herts Insurance.  Despite these limitations they gave us a pretty good price for a very comprehensive policy.

Having never bought insurance before it was a steep learning curve to make sure we asked all the right questions like:

How much time can you spend abroad?

Policies tend to only offer 30 days of European cover as standard.  For those that offer longer, say 90 days, be sure to find out whether this can be used up in one trip.  Often with 90 day allocations these are limited to 30 days at a time.

Which countries will the insurance cover?

Many insurers will cover standard Western European countries but will decrease the cover to only third party, or nothing at all if you venture over to slightly riskier locations like Morocco or Croatia.  Make sure all the countries on your route are covered.

What information do they need when you travel?

Be sure to call your insurer before you leave and ask what information they need from you.  They will most likely want to know where you are going and your travel dates, without this information you may find you aren't covered. 

Are the contents of your van covered?

Our policy also protects the contents of our van up to the value of £1500, its good to know we're covered if someone breaks into the van.

Is breakdown cover included?

With some policies you may also get breakdown cover.  Unfortunately if your van is over 15 years old, finding cover is pretty difficult.  Added to our requirements for 365 days European cover, we simply could not find a breakdown cover policy to meet our needs at all!

Can you get a discount for club membership?

A lot of camper policies give money off to members of camping and carvanning clubs.  The discount isn't usually enough to offset the membership cost but if you're already signed up, its a handy bonus.

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