Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dear France, please stop raining. Lots of love Chris and Ali.

Day 3 25.04.12 - Orleans

After a restful night in our lovely aire beside the Loire we discovered that Orleans is not where the sunshine has been hiding after all.  We had a lazy morning hoping the rain would die off but after deciding that we weren’t going to be that lucky we bit the bullet and trundled off in the rain to the city centre.

 Orleans is a beautiful city and it’s a huge shame the weather is so terrible today.  I can’t help thinking that the views by the river would be so much lovelier in the sunshine.  We visited a stunning cathedral and the architecture on the whole is gorgeous and very typically French.  Sadly the rain did put a bit of a dampener on our day, as too did the kind French driver who soaked us from head to toe by speeding through a deceptively deep puddle!  I’d love to come back and revisit this city when the weather is nicer.  Nonetheless we have had a really nice day in Orleans and are planning on spending another night in the aire by the river.

Tomorrow it’s an early start to avoid the traffic and we’re off to see some of this regions famous castles.

And before you worry we're getting too cultured, here's a shop called Willys *snigger*

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