Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Danger! Danger! No voltage?

Turns out we're not getting that ferry after all.  This whole process has been a huge and very steep learning curve for us.  Unfortunately this means we've made some mistakes along the way and long story short, the electric set up wasn't as we had hoped.  This has led to a very stressful couple of days as we tried to figure it all out, pleading to get parts sent quickly and googling furiously.  We could probably have got the van finished for tomorrow if we stayed up all night and rushed ourselves silly but even then we don't know for sure.  With that in mind we've amended our tickets for a ferry crossing on Monday.  This gives us plenty of time to be sure everything is as we want it before we get overseas.  We're both pretty gutted to be honest but c'est la vie!  <---see my French is coming along nicely already!

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